2017-2021 Career Recap

2022-2050 Close to Impossible Goals

  • Keep improving seven-eight figure ecommerce companies’ annual revenue
  • Be a part of mail carrier expansion beyond US, Canada & Western Europe
  • Experience many global events in technology, ecommerce & innovation
  • Reach a seven-eight figure stock portfolio
  • Reach a seven-eight figure crypto portfolio
  • Reach a seven-eight figure real estate portfolio
  • Finish the Columbia University Masters in Computer Science AI program
  • Get the highest governmental security clearance
  • Solve 1 world problem and get funding from Y Combinator
  • Contribute to a prototype for boosting max human speed in every sport
  • Contribute to a prototype that boosts max human brain processing speed
  • Contribute to solving 215 petabytes of DNA data for max life expectancy
  • Contribute to creating an AI that can pass the Turing Test or reach level 4
  • Contribute to reconfiguring a robotic suit that increases everyday safety
  • Contribute to an AI system that finds more rational global issue solutions
  • Contribute to a ML system that finds more rational algorithm data sorting
  • Contribute to SpaceX, NASA & Blue Origin’s goal for multiplanet species
  • Disclaimer: Contribute can be a very miniscule contribution

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